Georg Simmel wrote about the soothing power of the ruins. According to him, the ruins help us to appreciate everything that is “incomplete, shapeless and what shatter[s] the frames”.

Finnish Pastoral is a photography series that offers its viewers new means to indeed shatter the fixed models we have for perceiving spaces we don't usually look at. It is a story of the village of Karinkanta, in the region of Northern Ostrobothnia, with a population of just under 200 people: a ruin yet to come. It takes an honest look beyond romantic nationalism into Finnish countryside and the changes it is facing in the 2010s post-industrial era.

Karinkanta became my second home after my mother moved there, and I have followed the daily life in the village for over two years in order to redefine my relationship with the countryside. Therefore, this series is also an in-depth personal study about the modern human’s yearn for the rural life.

While painting a portrait of the bygone Finnish Dream, Finnish Pastoral speaks to the fact that everything is just temporary. 

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